Disability Confident

Ceredigion has been awarded the ‘disability confident employer’ status by the Department of Work and Pensions. This is in recognition of our commitment to the employment of people with disabilities.

Disability Confident

As a Disability Confident employer we volunteer to ensure that we always achieve the following actions.

Attracting and recruiting disabled people

  • To actively look to attract and recruit disabled people
  • Provide a fully inclusive and accessible recruitment process
  • Offer an interview to disabled people who meet the minimum criteria for the job
  • Demonstrate flexibility when assessing people so disabled job applicants have the best opportunity to demonstrate that they can do the job
  • Proactively offer and make reasonable adjustments as required
  • Encourage our suppliers and partner organisations to be Disability Confident
  • Ensure employees have appropriate disability equality awareness

Keeping and developing disabled employees

  • Promote a culture of being Disability Confident
  • Support employees to manage their disabilities or health conditions
  • Ensure there are no barriers to the development and progression of disabled staff
  • Ensure managers are aware of how they can support staff who are sick or absent from work
  • Value and listen to feedback from disabled staff
  • Review the Disability Confident Employer self-assessment regularly