At Ceredigion County Council we are transforming the way individuals, families, communities and carers can receive help and support when they need it. Our vision is to ensure positive access to both universal and targeted services so that children and adults can develop the skills and resilience they need to lead fulfilled lives and achieve their goals. We are seeking to empower individuals in what matters to them and work with partner agencies to strengthen people’s independence, ensure safety and promote well-being.

Our Through Age and Well-being Strategy sets out how we will develop a skilled and innovative workforce who will provide through age services that focus on preventative support and early intervention with easy access to information, advice and assistance, proportionate assessment of need and care and support plans for those who need longer term help.

Find out more about our Through-Age and Wellbeing Model and how are teams are structured within it here.

Ceredigion Pupil Referral Unit team Overview

We are a proud of our school, its young people and their achievements. What you will not be able to experience on our website is the inclusive and positive ethos and high standard of teaching and learning that many of our visitors comment on. Our highly skilled and dedicated staff provide a personalised approach in order to meet the needs of each individual pupil, encouraging them to become lifelong learners and be able to contribute positively to their communities. 

Ceredigion PRU prides itself on developing and maintaining excellent partnerships with a range of agencies and members of the wider community, that enriches the curriculum and personal support that our pupils receive. They include partnerships with Health and Social Services, TAF, YJPS, Counsellors, CHOICES, Police Link Education Officers, Educational Psychology Service, ALN Advisory Service, Alternative Curriculum Providers, HCT, Careers Wales and local employers, Mainstream Schools and local community groups. We also pride ourselves on the many positive relationships that we develop with our parents and families that ensures we improve our pupils health and well-being.

Our core aims:

  1. To support our pupils physical and mental health, well-being and happiness by providing a nurturing environment and individual, specialist support.
  2. To provide an engaging, motivational, inclusive and individualised curriculum for each pupil in our care, that will ensure continuous progress in all aspects of learning
  3. To develop our pupils’ key skills in Literacy, Numeracy and Digital competency
  4. To use a range of strategies that will enable our pupils to reintegrate into a mainstream setting, that will further develop their motivation to learn and achieve
  5. To support our pupils’ individual social, emotional, behavioural, moral, spiritual and cultural development that will enable them to accept greater responsibility for their own actions.
  6. To identify and practice strategies and skills for learning and for life that will ensure independence and help our pupils make the right choices
  7. Provide our pupils with a range of opportunities to gain nationally recognised accreditation

Staff requirements

Teachers –    Degree/PGCE or equivalent

Mentors –      CYPSM, Higher Level TA, HLTA, NVQ Level, Youth Justice Effective Practise – Level 4 or equivalent