The Integrated Triage and Assessment Services consists of three elements:

  • Sift
  • Triage
  • Assessment


Acts as the gatekeeper for all enquiries including Clic and electronic referrals.  Sift will review all referrals gatherer additional information in order to make a decision on next steps such escalation to Porth Cynnal (Safeguarding), de-escalation to Porth Cymorth Cynnar, assigning to Porth Gofal for proportionate integrated assessment. Sift will also provide information and advice where appropriate to support the family self-resilience where no further action is required.


The integrated Triage will undertake a proportionate assessment using the Signs of Safety model to identify the person and their family’s worries, strengths and agree a plan to resolve their worries. Further assessment may be identified following Triage enquiries.


Workers will undertake a client and family assessment if required using a whole family approach. The focus will be one of recovery for adults whereby a recovery plan will be developed to support the family to regain their independence.

Roles under the Team Managers

  • Senior Practitioners
  • Social Workers
  • Social Work Assistants
  • Intake Assistants

The Senior Practitioners will be and experienced registered Social Worker with knowledge and understanding of key legislation and Regulations, relating to both adults and children. The Senior Practitioner will support the team managers in the day-to-day organization of Integrated Triage and will supervise other social care staff within the Porth Gofal service. There will be an expectation that the Senior Practitioner will hold a small complex case load.

Social Workers will have a good understanding of key legislation and Regulations, of both adults and children. Social Workers will be allocated more complex cases to undertake the client and family assessment for both adults and children with a particular focus on prevention. A good understanding of the Mental Capacity Act (2005) is required and the ability to undertake capacity assessments and best interest meetings. 

Social Work Assistants within Sift will review and gather additional information, if required, to make a decision regarding progression of closure of referral following provision of information and advice to the person. Social Work Assistants within Porth Gofal Assessment will work with individuals to develop goals and a recovery plan. Social Work Assistants will also undertake client and family assessment with those with non-complex needs. The Social Worker Assistants  within Sift and Assessment will be interchangeable depending on the demand of the service.

Intake Assistants will hold responsibility for monitoring the Porth Gofal generic email account and will enter any electronic referrals on to the CRM system and WCCIS as appropriate. The Intake Assistant will also make contact with the person or other professionals to gather additional information following electronic referral, in order to progress the referral to sift. The Intake Assistant will assist the Social Work Assistant when responding to requests for information. The Intake Assistant will also assist the Team Manger with updating publications such as information leaflets.