At Ceredigion County Council we are transforming the way individuals, families, communities and carers can receive help and support when they need it. Our vision is to ensure positive access to both universal and targeted services so that children and adults can develop the skills and resilience they need to lead fulfilled lives and achieve their goals. We are seeking to empower individuals in what matters to them and work with partner agencies to strengthen people’s independence, ensure safety and promote well-being.

Our Through Age and Well-being Strategy sets out how we will develop a skilled and innovative workforce who will provide through age services that focus on preventative support and early intervention with easy access to information, advice and assistance, proportionate assessment of need and care and support plans for those who need longer term help.

Find out more about our Through-Age and Wellbeing Model and how are teams are structured within it here.

Wellbeing Centres Team Overview

The Wellbeing Centres Service is Ceredigion County Council’s lead service for the delivery and development of Physical Activity opportunities.

The service is made up of two teams:

  • Physical Activity & Play
  • Wellbeing Hubs

Physical Activity & Play

The Physical Activity & Play team has two areas of focus:

  • Health Intervention
  • Physical Activity & Play

Health Intervention provides a range of universal and focussed opportunities that predominantly engage with Adults and Older Adults.  The team has highly qualified Active Lifestyle Mentors that devise tailored activity programmes for individuals. Programme can include opportunities from one or more of the following interventions: 

  • National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS) for individuals with or at risk of Chronic Conditions
  • Walking for Wellbeing
  • Physical Stability Classes
  • Exercise Buddies (Adults with Learning Disabilities)
  • Fit for Life ( Formerly 60+ Programme)


  • Recognised Level 3  Advance Gym Instructor
  • Level 3 Diploma Exercise Referral Practitioner Qualification
  • Registered at Level 3 CIMSPA
  • First Aid, CPR and Defibrillator Qualified
  • Level 4 qualifications:
    • Cancer Rehabilitation
    • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
    • Mental Health
    • Cardiac Phase IV Rehabilitation

Physical Activity & Play is the service’s development arm that works with a range of partners to develop inclusive opportunities for people of all ages to be physically active.  These opportunities can be in educational and community settings and incorporate Play, Recreational Activity and Sport.  Examples of some of the interventions / approaches delivered are as follows:

  • Young Ambassadors / Young Leaders
  • Grant Advice for Community Sports Organisations
  • Ceredigion Sports Council
  • Active Families Programme in partnership with Flying Start, Families First & Childcare Dept 
  • Fit in 5 
  • Playground Markings in Schools
  • Extra-Curricular Physical Activity opportunities  in Schools
  • Virtual Activities via Ceredigion Actif You Tube Channel: (364) Ceredigion Actif – YouTube
  • Inclusive Activity Development
  • Holiday Activities
  • Play Development


  • First Aid, CPR and Defibrillator Qualified
  • Signs of Safety Advance training
  • Playwork Qualifcations

Wellbeing Hubs

The Wellbeing Hubs are split into two geographical areas: Mid & South and North and are responsible for operating all local authority owned leisure facilities in those areas which currently include:

Mid & South

  • Aberaeron LC
  • Cardigan LC & Artificial Turf Pitch
  • Lampeter LC & Artificial Turf Pitch
  • Lampeter Swimming Pool
  • Synod Inn Artificial Turf Pitch


  • Penglais Sports Hall
  • Plascrug LC & Swimming Pool

The Council’s intention is to create Wellbeing Centres within each geographical area starting in the Mid area with the transformation of Lampeter Leisure Centre.

The Wellbeing Centre will incorporate services that consider and improve the physical, mental and social aspects of an individual’s wellbeing and contribute to them achieving their full potential. These will include through-age health and wellbeing services (Inc. mental health support), skills and employment advice, hardship and housing support, services for young people and support for carers’ etc.  

Currently the facilities provide a traditional leisure offer which includes the following services:

  • Public Swimming Sessions
  • Learn to Swim Programme
  • Exercise Classes
  • Fitness Suite (Cardio Vascular & Weights)
  • Membership Packages offered for access to activities
  • Holiday Activities
  • Lifeguard & 1st Aid Training
  • Meeting room hire
  • Squash (Plascrug LC only)

The Wellbeing Hubs also support the community trust facilities in the county namely:

  • Aberaeron Swimming Pool
    • Cardigan Swimming Pool
    • Calon Tysul


  • Pool Lifeguard Qualification
  • First Aid, CPR and Defibrillator Qualified
  • L2 Gym Instructor
  • Pool Plant Operator
  • L1 / L2 Swimming Teacher