The Welsh Language

We are proud to be a bilingual organisation, giving equal status to both Welsh and English.

The Welsh Language

Because we serve a bilingual community some of our jobs will require the ability to speak Welsh. The need to speak Welsh as well as the level of fluency will depend on the job.

If there is a Welsh language requirement it will be stated on the person specification. It will also state whether the ability to speak Welsh to the required level is needed on appointment or whether you can achieve this within in a specified period of time.

Any successful applicant needing to learn or improve their Welsh language skills will be fully supported to do so within working time. There are a number of Welsh language initiatives at work in the Council and as a result we are proud to say we have a thriving community of Welsh language learners.

Because of our commitment to treating the Welsh and English language equally job applications may be submitted in either language. Your language choice will not result in your application being treated less favourably.

Further, you also have the right to choose your language preference for interview.   If you have any concerns regarding this please do not hesitate to contact